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Hua Nong Eco-Organic Farm is a family-owned research farm located in Hurdle Mills, North Carolina. The farm was established in 2016 by Dr. Changhe Zhou. With more than 40 years of experiences in vegetable and fruit pathology, molecular biology, agronomy, and horticulture, we grow over 60 varieties of high-quality, eco-organic Asian vegetables and cucurbits year round. 

At Huanong Eco-organic, we are utmost dedicated to bringing the freshest and highest quality produce to our local communities. We hold local farming and high quality produce in high regards, as it has helped us and many others live a healthier lifestyle. 


By understanding and choosing our produce, we believe you can drastically improve the quality of your lifestyle!


Everything we grow is grown "Eco-organically": we never use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or raw manure. Our grade is even higher than the organic standard. We are focused on bringing the highest quality produce to our local communities as well as minimizing the impact on the environment. We sell at both the Durham and Carrboro Farmer's Markets, several restaurants, and recently, we've introduced our CSA. 

Contact Information

Mailing Address: 
Huanong Eco-organic Farm
Tom Monk Road
Hurdle Mills, NC 27514

Phone: (540) 553-6188


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